1/48 Eduard Fw190 D-9 From JG4

Fw 190D-9 Stab/JG 4, Frankfurt am Rhein-Main, April 1945

Dora W.Nr. 600150 was built by Gerhard Fieseler Werke (first production batch). It is the only recently discovered JG 4 Dora that sports the unit´s badge. U.S. forces found her at Frankfurt am Rhein-Main airfield in April, 1945. Camouflage consisted of RLM 75/83 on the upper surfaces, and blue-green RLM 76 on the lower. The RLM 75 and 83 were applied to the fuselage, and the tail unit wore RLM 83 mottling. The engine section showed original Junkers paint of RLM 83 and a whitish RLM 76. The RLM 75 spots were added to the upper cowling by GFW. The Black-White-Black band on the tail identifies this as a JG 4 aircraft.
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