1/48 Eduard Bf109 G-6/R6 Alfred Grislawski

1/48 Eduard Bf109 G-6/R6
Flown by Oblt. Alfred Grislawski, CO of 1./JGr.50, Wiesbaden – Erbenheim Air Base, September, 1943
Jagdgruppe 50 was created on August 15, 1943 from Jagdgruppe Süd der ObdL that was formed as a high altitude fighter unit to combat recce Mosquitoson July 21, 1943. JGr.50 was led by Hermann Graf who gave birth to the unit´s crest painted under the canopy. The Red Hunter symbolized the German Luftwaffe soccer team known under the nickname ‘die Roten Jäger’. Graf was a member of this team, along with then German national team members.
The unit existed for only a few months, and in October 1943 was incorporated into I./JG 301. Alfred Grislawski was the CO of 1./JGr.50 and the formation leader, as can be seen from the white tail. He served with JG 1 and JG 53 afterwards, and his total score accounted for 133 victories. Grislawski was awarded the Knight´s Cross on July 1, 1943 and with Oak Leaves on April 11, 1944.
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