1/48 Eduard(Limited Edition) Macchi C.202

1/48 Eduard(Limited Edition) Macchi C.202 I. Serie, M.M.7860, 71a Squadriglia, 17 Gruppo, 1 Stormo C.T., Udine-Campoformido, October 1941.
Initial series aircraft built by Breda camouflaged as per summer 1941 directives called the ‘Continental Camouflage Scheme‘. This was composed of upper of surfaces in olive green and lower surfaces in blue-grey.
The 1st Stormo unit emblem is carried inside the white fuselage band. At Campformido, the unit prepared to engage the British in North Africa. The aircraft displays characteristics typical of initial production, such as a lack of sand filter on the intake, no armoured glass in the windscreen and no antenna mast.

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