1/48 HobbyBoss Luftwaffe German Fighter Fw-190 D9 Late Model

W.Nr. 500647, 7./JG 26, Hustedt Airfield, Germany, February – April, 1945
This aircraft was discovered by the allies at Hustedt near Celle, where it was abandoned by JG 26 on February 10/11, 1945. The aircraft carries typical camouflage, in which it came out of the third and final D-9 production run at Mimetall. The upper fuselage was sprayed brown, RLM 81 (with the exception of RLM 82 applied ahead of the tail unit), while the side and bottom surfaces were painted RLM 76. The wing was sprayed by the sub-contractor in fields of RLM 81 and RLM 76. Sections of the wing bottom could have carried a spray of either RLM 81 or RLM 66.

What is High Line (High quality) Models?

In order to offer even more detailed models and the best quality to our customers, Historical Wings offers its newest Hi-Line Models.
It’s a new line of products that aim at providing the highest quality with optimum prices.
In addition to what standard models include, these models also have the following additional details:
– All models have a rivet application that is an important technique serving at improving realism in modelling. The technique’s implementation is long and difficult but the results are very realistic.
– All fine detail work is applied to the model.
– All plastic barrels changed to Master Model metal barrels.
– The resin tires are altered to simulate the aircraft’s weight.
– The antenna is made out of hair to be in accordance with the scale. These wires are barely visible in original photos and need to be made out of the thinnest possible material.
– The fuses on the antenna wire are also included.
– All original stencils are applied to the airplane. This application increases the detail level of the model in a considerable way.
– The landing gear indicators are also included.
– Eduard colored PE seatbelts/harnesses are included.
– The landing gear hydraulic wires are included.
8189-11 P1110994 P1110995 P1110996 P1110997 P1110998 P1110999 P1120001 P1120003 P1120004 P1120005 P1120006 P1120007 P1120008 P1120009 P1120010 P1120011 P1120012 P1120013 P1120014 P1120015 P1120016 P1120018 P1120019

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