1/48 Tamiya Luftwaffe German Fighter Bf 109 E-1

Bf 109E-1, 6./JG 52, Husum, Germany, 1940

The camouflage scheme of the illustrated Yellow ‘2’ underwent some interesting changes in an attempt to adapt to the combat requirements from the Polish campaign to the Battle of Britain. The original upper surface scheme consisting of RLM 70/71 (as in Scheme B) was oversprayed with the lower color of RLM 65 along the side of the fuselage in a fashion similar to the scheme corresponding to the winter/spring 1940 period (as in Schemes A and C). In an effort to counter this effect to some extent, an overspray the fuselage sides by the upper colors appeared in an irregular pattern. The use of RLM 02 cannot be ruled out in this application. The aircraft carries the almost obligatory yellow cowl and rudder used on the Bf 109s during the Battle of Britain, and indicates that this practice was not just the domain of JG 26. The effective eagle emblem was a marking of 6. Staffel/JG 52.
P1110947 P1110948 P1110949 P1110950 P1110951 P1110952 P1110953 P1110954 P1110955 P1110956 P1110957 P1110958 P1110959

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