1/48 Eduard Bf109 G-6 Late Model(New Tool)

1/48 Eduard Bf109 G-6 Late Model(New Tool)
W.Nr. 411960, flown by Hptm. Franz Dörr, the CO of III./JG 5, Gossen, Norway, May, 1945.

Franz Dörr downed his first victim, a British Wellington bomber, on September 29, 1941 as a member of 1.(Erg.)/JG 3. This unit was redesignated 7./JG 5 on January 1, 1942. In early May 1944, Dörr took command of III. Gruppe of JG 5 and led this unit till the end of war. Dörr was awarded the Ritterkreuz on August 19, 1944. He managed to down 122 enemy aircraft – his score is marked on the rudder of his personal Bf 109G-6, W. Nr. 411960. This aircraft was manufactured at the Erla factory and sports all its typical characteristics such as the small bulge on the right side of the cowling and different gun troughs.

The exact colour of the spinner is inconclusive from photographic evidence but can be black with a white spiral. The small disc on the rear fuselage identified
III. Gruppe aircraft.

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