1/48 Eduard Bf109 G-6 Flown by Oblt.Helmut Lipfert 6./JG52 Bagerowo – Russia, February 1944.

1/48 Eduard Bf109 G-6
Flown by Oblt.Helmut Lipfert 6./JG52
Bagerowo – Russia, February 1944.

Helmut Lipfert was born on 6 August 1916 at Lippelsdorf in the Saalfeld region of Thüringen. A former Arbeitdienstführer and Unteroffizier with the Panzerwaffe, Lipfert transferred to the Luftwaffe in 1941 and underwent fighter pilot training. Lipfert was posted to JG 52, based on the Eastern front, on 16 December 1942. On his arrival at Simovniki in Russia, Leutnant Lipfert was assigned to 6./JG 52. He gained his first victory on his 18th combat mission shooting down a Russian LaGG-5 fighter on 30 January 1943. His 10th victory was recorded on 25 June. He achieved his 20th victory on 5 September. During September 1943, Lipfert assumed command of 6./JG 52. On 8 October, he shot down five Russian aircraft to record his 30th through 34th victories. He was to claim 18 victories in October, 21 in November, including his 50th victory on 12 November and his 60th on 27 November, and 16 in December, including four shot down on 5 December (69-72). By the end of 1943 his victory total had reached 80. After his 88th victory on 25 January 1944, he was sent on leave, not returning to the front until the end of March. He was awarded the Ritterkreuz on 5 April. His 100th victory was achieved on 11 April 1944 and his 150th on 24 October 1944.

On 15 February 1945, Hauptmann Lipfert was appointed Gruppenkommandeur of I./JG 53 based in Hungary. He shot down his 200th victim on 8 April 1945. On 17 April 1945 he was awarded the Eichenlaub (Nr 837) for 203 victories. Following the dissolution of I./JG 53, Lipfert was transferred to JG 52, where he was assigned to 7./JG 52 until the end of the war. Post-war Lipfert became a schoolteacher. He died on 10 August 1990.
Helmut Lipfert was credited with 203 victories in over 700 missions. All his victories were recorded over the Eastern front and included two four-engine bombers and 39 Il-2 Sturmovik ground-attack aircraft. Additionally, he claimed 27 unconfirmed victories.

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