1/48 Zvezda Flown by Hauptmann Hans von Hahn, Stab I./JG 3, Lutsk/USSR, July 6, 1941

1/48 Zvezda Bf109 F-2
Flown by Hauptmann Hans von Hahn, Stab I./JG 3, Lutsk/USSR, July 6, 1941

Hans von Hahn-not to be confused with the famous Oak Leaves holder Hans “Assi” Hahn-was posted to I./JG 3 as this units Gruppenkommandeur on August 27, 1940. By that time he had amassed eleven victories with JG 53. He served on the Eastern Front from the first day of the attack on the Soviet Union. His first victories on the Eastern Front were all achieved against unescorted bombers or biplane fighters. On July 6, 1941, I./JG 3 caught a formation of DB-3 bombers and shot down eight withing ten minutes-two of them by von Hahn, who thus ran up his tally to twenty-four. But when the Jagdgruppe ran into the aces of Soviet 88 IAP over Kanev in August 1941, things were different. “All previous air combat had been a children’s game compared to what we encountered above the Dnieper bridge at Kanev,” Hans von Hahn wrote. Later in 1941, I./JG 3 was withdrawn from the Eastern Front and transferred to Germany, where it was re-numbered into the new II./JG 1. In June 1942, Hauptmann von Hahn was placed under arrest, charged for physical abuse against a subordinate, and was relieved from his command. In April 1945, he was appointed commander of the fighter units in Upper Italy. Hans von Hahn, who was credited with a total of 34 victories, died in his home in Frankfurt on November 5, 1957, at the age of forty-three.

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