1/48 Wingsy Kits, Messerschmitt Bf 109E-1, W.Nr.3462, flown Lt. Wolfgang Ludewig, 9./JG 26, Essen-Mühlheim, Germany, May 1940.

During the first day of the invasion of The Netherlands III./JG 26 fighters mission was to clean the skies of the enemy fighters so as the Ju 52 aircraft could safely land the paratroopers, who were to capture important bridges and city of Hague. The anti-aircraft fire from the ground however posed the greater threat and was responsible for hits on several aircraft. One of those was Lt. Ludewig’s fighter who after being hit by the accurate fire was forced to perform the emergency landing South West of The Hague and consequently taken POW. After the armistice he was released from captivity. Lt. Ludewig survived the war with the rank of Hauptmann commanding 2./JG 1 equipped with He 162. During the World War Two combats he was credited with one aerial victory. The aircraft camouflaged on the upper surfaces in RLM 70/71 and RLM 65 on the side and lower surfaces sports the 9. Staffel marking (Höllenhund Devil’s Dog) under the canopy and on the nose carries the JG 26 marking. The vertical stripe in Staffel color (yellow for 9. Staffel) is the III. Gruppe marking.