What is Historical Wings?

As an experienced modeler and avid history fan who turned my passion into my profession, I have been building and selling plastic models and dioramas of all scales for worldwide collectors and museums for the past ten years. Specializing more specifically on World War II aircraft, my models have a wide variety ranging from all types of Armored Fighting Vehicles to ships, submarines as well as dioramas and military figures. For each model, a thorough research work is undertaken, archive information such as old photos and historical documentation is examined to have the most accurate weathering, markings and other identifying details. I attach particular attention to leveling, weathering and scale accuracy.

Another critical matter is the fact that the model reaches the collector undamaged through careful packaging. I have developed several techniques that avoid fragile parts to be vulnerable to outside shocks that occur during transportation and have successfully shipped my models all over the world including the United States, Canada, South America, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Russia, the Emirates and all member countries of the EU.

For all orders, I use eBay and PayPal, ensuring thereby safe transactions for both sides. Furthermore models are shipped using tracking numbers that allow customers to track their packages from shipment point to delivery. Finally in rare cases where the model gets lost during the shipping process or damaged beyond repair, I will provide the optimal solution to satisfy the customer. This includes the building and shipping of another model or a complete refund, depending on the customer’s preference.

HistoricalWings functions in two ways: all my already built models are listed on eBay and for all other models, please contact me directly to order them. I provide making-of pictures for those and take into account custom requests of all types, custom details, paint schemes, PE sets and markings.

Furthermore being bilingual in French and English facilitates communications with different customers.
I’m always happy to answer any questions and inquiries. Thank you for visiting my website!

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