1/48 Tamiya Luftwaffe German Fighter Bf-109 E7 Tropical

Bf 109 E-7/Trop, 2./JG 27, Ain-el-Gazala airfield, Libya 1941

This aicraft used to be accounted to Lt. Werner Schroer, a member of 1st Staffel of JG 27 in some sources. This seasoned pilot achieved 61 kills on the African sky. The first of them was a Hurricane downed on April 19, 1941 over Tobruk, Libya. Later on Schroer served as a Gruppenadjutant of I./JG 27. War end saw him a Geschwaderkommodore of JG 3 with 114 kills to his account (including 26 four-engined bombers). He was awarded with Ritterkreuz on October 21, 1942 and on April 19, 1945 he became a recipient of Schwerten. Nevertheless this Emil belonged to the 2nd Staffel of JG 27 in all probability and Schroer never served within this part of JG 27. So, four kill marks on the rudder belonged to another, unidentified pilot. Red spinner and red outline of the fuselage number identify 2nd Staffel.

P1110960 P1110961 P1110962 P1110963 P1110964 P1110965 P1110966 P1110967 P1110968 P1110969 P1110970 P1110971

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