1/48 Eduard, Bf 109F-4, W. Nr. 13325, flown by Oblt. Viktor Bauer, 9./JG 3, Shchigry, Soviet Union, June 1942.

This aircraft was flown by Viktor Bauer, a fighter ace credited with 106 kills and a Ritterkreuz holder. He scored mostly against Soviet pilots. He flew this particular aircraft in the summer of 1942, when German Group of Armies A advanced on Stalingrad. This unit received Messerschmitts originally intended for service in North Africa, and thus was camouflaged in RLM 78/79. The segments of RLM 74/70 (some sources say RLM 75/71) were added to the desert camouflage scheme. This made the aircraft less visible in the Eastern Front environment. The yellow wingtips, fuselage band and lower cowling were typical for airplanes flown in the east. Note the III./JG 3 badge on the nose. The female name Ellen referred to Bauer´s wife. Bauer achieved his 106th and last kill on August 9, 1942 northwest of Stalingrad. The very next day he was hit by enemy fire, wounded and had to belly land his crippled plane. After rescue, Bauer served in various posts of Ergänzungs (replacement) units.